About the project

The project has been created as an useful tool for everyone who whishes to obtain useful color conversions between different color spaces.

By using the converter you can accurately convert the following color codes: HEX to RGB, HSL, HSB, RAL Classic, RAL Design Plus, CMYK, PANTONE, WEBSAFE, NCS, CSS color names and vice-versa.

It also generates color schemes according to color theory: analogous, monochromatic, complementary, triade, tetrade, split.

How to use:

Below you can find a detailed guide on how to use the converter, schemes, palletes and charts that you can find on this website.


To use the converter choose a color from the picker, or enter the color code in the input box below. Currently we support color codes input in those formats:.

  • HEX - #ffffff or #fff
  • RGB - r, g, b
  • HSL - h, s%, l%
  • CMYK - c%, m%, y%, k%
  • RAL (Design Plus) - ex. RAL 000 15 00 1
  • RAL (Classic) - ex. RAL 9005 1
  • Pantone - ex. 705 C or Black 6 C1
  • CSS name - ex. darkslategray2
  • NCS - ex. 0515-G40Y1

  •    1. case-sensitive, with spaces.   2. case-insensitive, no spaces.

  • After you enter the color's code in the first input box the conversion gets done automatically without needing to click on the "convert" button.

  • If choosing the color from the second input box with the color picker, the "convert" button needs to be clicked to get the color converted.

  • The results are displayed in the 8 boxes below with the results in different formats, from where you can copy them to your clipboard or save them as a JSON object.

  • After the conversion gets done the converter generates color schemes, palletes and styled UI elements - you can find more information below.

Color schemes:

The converter generates color schemes from the converted sample. Based on the distance to certain colors calculated from the hue parameter. The schemes are based on color theory, the generator provides 6 color schemes in the following order: analogous, monochromatic, complementary, triade, tetrade and split. For colors based on gray, like white, black or any grayscale color, the schemes are not generated.

  • Analogous - 6 samples

  • Monochromatic - 5 samples

  • Complementary - 2 samples

  • Triade - 3 samples

  • Tetrade - 4 samples

  • Split - 3 samples

You can covert each color cample from the scheme by clicking on it, also changes accordingly the generated schemes and palletes.

You can save the generated schemes as a JSON object by clicking the button on the right.

Color charts:

Feel free to browse through our color charts to find a match for your desired color or convert it to other formats, we provide charts for 7 color spaces: RAL Design Plus, RAL Classic, Pantone, Flat Design, Material Design, Websafe and CSS color's names. You can covert each color sample from the chart by clicking on it, which will also generate color schemes, palletes and styled UI elements for the chosen sample.

List of our color charts:

  • RAL Classic
  • RAL Design Plus

You can save the full color chart as a JSON object or array by clicking the button above the chart on the left.

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