RAL 2000 - conversion for color







How to use?

Convert HEX to RGB, RAL Classic, RAL Design Plus, RAL Effect, Pantone, CMYK, HSL, HSB, NCS, WEBSAFE and vice versa. Choose a color from the picker, or enter the color code in the input box below. Currently we support color codes input in those formats:

  • HEX - #ffffff or #fff
  • RGB - r, g, b
  • HSL - h, s%, l%
  • CMYK - c%, m%, y%, k%
  • RAL Design Plus - ex. RAL 000 15 00 1
  • RAL Classic - ex. RAL 9005 1
  • RAL Effect - ex. RAL 790-M 1
  • Pantone - ex. 705 C or Black 6 C1
  • CSS name - ex. darkslategray2
  • NTC name - ex. Kilamanjaro1
  • NCS - ex. 0515-G40Y1

1. case-sensitive, with spaces.2. case-insensitive, no spaces.

Color palettes:

Browse the color palettes section, where you can download color palettes created by our users. Generate, upload color palettes created on our website. On the upload palettes page you can modify and remaster your color palette. Register for free to get access to my palettes section where your uploaded palettes are displayed and organized.

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Color charts:

Feel free to browse through our color charts, we provide charts for 10 color spaces: RAL Classic, RAL Design Plus, RAL Effect, Pantone, Flat Design, Material Design, Websafe, NCS and CSS and NTC color's names as well as a list of all color names available in our service. You can get relevant conversion information about each color sample from the chart by clicking on it or converting it's value in the color converter.

Color schemes:

The converter generates color schemes from the converted sample. The schemes are based on color theory, it provides 6 color schemes in the following order: analogous, monochromatic, complementary, triade, tetrade and split. For colors based on shades of gray like white, black or any grayscale color, the schemes are not generated You can covert each color cample from the scheme by clicking on it.