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Color charts

Below you can find full color charts for Pantone (PMS), RAL Design Plus, RAL Effect, RAL Classic, Flat design, Material design, Websafe, NCS, CSS and NTC color's names. The lists are interactive providing conversion information upon clicking on each color box.

Download programmable data of color conversion in JSON format ready to use in your application, find color conversion information for each color from the charts. Pick colors based on tested use cases driven by industry standards.


Pantone Matching System (PMS), is a color space used mostly in graphic design, printing, manufacturing and supporting the transformation of color from digital design to production in physical formats.

RAL Design Plus

RAL Design Plus is the expanded RAL color system that includes 1825 colors that are grouped every 10° of hue and additionally at 75°, 85° and 95°. Developed as a color matching tool for architects, designers, industry workers and trading. The colors of RAL Classic and RAL Design Plus do not intersect.

RAL Effect

The RAL Effect color chart is a collection of 70 metalic colors and 420 solid colors. The RAL Effect paint is based on acrylic paint system and colors, that goes along with solid and metalic colors. This RAL collection is innovative as it is the first RAL paint to be based on waterborne paint systems. The RAL Effect paint system is ISO compliant and eco-friendly because it doesn't make use of toxic, heavy metals in paint such as lead, chromates, and cadmium.

RAL Classic

RAL Classic is a color matching system that is mainly propagated in Europe, it is effectively used for varnish and powder coating but also for panels and plastics.

NTC colors names

NTC colors names. The color names in the Name The Color library were found via Wikipedia, Crayola, and Color-Name Dictionaries.